Every week we do a challenge / share post with different theme's and then round up the best of the best and post them here for your viewing pleasure! Here is a few of our group's favourite images all using hard light! 



Laura Scotten - 5DMIII 35 ART +  LXC 03 







Jennifer Picard - 6D 135mm + Mastin Labs Portra 160






 Sara Rogers  - D750 50mm + Tri-X400





Beth Crossman - Canon 5DMII 35mm + Erin Hensley Preset





Helena Martin - D600 135mm + HnL Preset & ASE






Marlies Hartmann - 5DMIII 24-35mm + Custom Edit 






Amber Hughes - 5DMIII 24-105 + VSCO Fuji 160C






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